Founded in 2001 as a specialty consulting service company to provide Information Delivery Solutions focusing on systems integration, platform migration and development of Business Intelligence and Analytic solutions.

Business Evolution: Data Modernization, Enterprise Data Management, Governance, Compliance and Audit services. In-premise, on Cloud and hybrid environments.

Mission: Continue to be a niche specialty company with a team of proven experienced senior consultants able to service mission critical customer information delivery initiatives.


Boston, our home. “With our rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, Boston has something for everyone”.

Home of largest global enterprises, culture, education, innovation and young entrepreneurship.

A perfect combination of professionals.  We blend years of executive experience with the most advanced and looking forward trends in technological developments.

Our alliance with Higher Education institutions allows our teams to be on the leading edge of new research and development.


Looking ahead and moving forward to new technologies, trends and insights.



Risk, Compliance and Governance

We help your organization securely navigate thorough today’s massive amounts of data complexities and regulatory demands. Modern data integration at on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments.  Big Data platforms made available rapidly to business users by utilizing efficient ELT approach and partner’s Modern Data Integration Software Suite.